AGCO Corporation’s Challenger MT775E has been voted winner of the Machine of the Year XXL award at the SIMA Show 2015. The selection was made by 19 independent agricultural journalists, representing trade magazines from 17 European countries.

The MT775E’s AGCO POWER 9.8 liter, in-line 7 cylinder Tier 4 Final engine increases the maximum power by 11 percent up to 432 HP (54 HP more than the MT765D).

Other MT775E highlights include 25 percent extra engine torque (1417 pound-foot), a 44 percent increase in hydraulic oil flow (85 gallons per minute), and the 53 percent larger fuel tank (249 gallons) allows operators to spend more time in the field between refills.

The maximum ballasted weight of the tractor has risen 8 percent from 36,000 pounds to 39,000 pounds, and the track contact area is increased 13 percent to 6525 inches squared. This all adds up to 154 percent more for the MT775E.