Bobcat Company introduces the all-new MT85 mini track loader. The Bobcat® MT85 features more power, increased lifting capabilities, additional stability and durable components.

Owners can use the MT85 as a stand-alone machine or pair it with other Bobcat compact equipment to efficiently complete a variety of projects.

The MT85 has a 35 percent higher rated operating capacity (ROC) and operators can lift materials higher with an increase of 12 percent in lift height. For hard digging conditions, the lift arm breakout force has been increased by 29 percent from the smaller MT55 mini track loader.

The new MT85 is designed with dual ISO joystick controls and the loader’s drive function is controlled by the left-hand joystick. The right-hand joystick controls the loader’s lift and tilt functions. Gauges and dials on the loader’s dash panel remain unchanged from the MT55.

A new operator presence / safety pedal regulates the auxiliary hydraulic flow for use with approved attachments. The pedal must be engaged when the operator is using an attachment with detent hydraulic flow, such as trenching, snowblowing, digging holes with an auger or pushing / sweeping material with an angle broom.