Dr. Geoff Westfall can sum up agricultural in one simple message: “Farming is all about details, details, details. You just hope to do all things a little better.”

The Connecticut-based veterinarian has been dedicated the welfare of animals and livestock for more than five decades. Speaking with him at the Keystone Farm Show in York, Pennsylvania last month, I learned more about his product Fight Bac, a teat disinfectant that fends off mastitis – an inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue.

Westfall, one of the people I had the pleasure of meeting at winter show, is a very passionate steward of the industry and works hard to spread the word about the infection.

“The greatest misconception about mastitis is that it is tolerated,” he said while standing in the Deep Valley Farm booth. “It’s an infection but it can be controlled. It can be controlled at a very low level. Some think that dealing with it is just the cost of doing business, but that cost can be very expensive.”

Dr. Geoff Westfall and his product, FightBac

We also took to the tradeshow floor to speak with our friends from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. David B. Fleming, health services director for the bureau explained the organization’s many benefits of membership.

Membership are offered to – of course – farmers as well as non-farmers, he said. “Say, for instance, if you were a dentist, you are still eligible for membership,” Fleming said. “If you are an employer, one membership is all you need to have your employees covered under our benefits package.”

Fleming noted that the state farm bureau has partnerships with corporations such as Highmark, Blue Cross of Northeast and Capital Blue Cross to offer such competitive packages to its member.

“As for our benefits, you recoup those costs from the many discounts you receive as a member of the farm bureau,” he continued. In addition to healthcare, other cost savings are available to members from companies like Dell, MSC Business Services, ADT, Staples, CASE IH and Caterpillar.