WeCover Structures is a fabric roof freespan steel truss structure company for over 15 years. Their new mobile friendly website is also a resource of information and helpful tools for consumers who are considering building a steel truss freespan building instead of a traditional wood truss.

Visitors can view the comprehensive project gallery of previous projects covering several building applications such as dairy barns, equine arenas, livestock barns and equipment storage buildings. In addition to seeing the finished WeCover projects, the site also offers sample concept drawings. T

“With our new website, we wanted to make sure visitors have all their questions answered,” commented John Weaver, Sales Manager at WeCover. “We have a lot of experienced people on our team, but sometimes the best person to tell you why a WeCover make sense is an existing customer.”

Throughout the site, WeCover features several customer testimonials. These short stories from satisfied WeCover customers are a nice real life account of how choosing a WeCover building has enhanced their farming operations.

In addition to fabric roof, WeCover offers a steel roof option for their buildings. Although both roof options have their own individual benefits, it’s tough to know which option is right for your application. The new WeCover site has a full page that explains the benefits of each roof option and does a side-by-side comparison of the two roof styles.

“I hope visitors like the new site design and find it helpful when researching fabric roof buildings,” added Weaver. “If people like what they see on the website and want to see a real WeCover, we have a permanent building on display as our booth at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. This year we have also built a WeCover fabric roof building for the Pioneer display at the same show.”