Patz Corporation announced the availability of the new 400 Series II Single Screw Stationary Vertical Mixer. Offered in 140 cubic foot (3.9 m3) or 200 cubic foot (5.7 m3) capacities, this addition to the Patz Vertical Mixer line is built heavier for a variety of mixing applications, including the blending of livestock rations and compost materials.

400 Series II  Stationary Vertical Mixers

400 Series II
Stationary Vertical Mixers

The mixer’s rectangular base allows for multiple drive mounting locations, enabling customers to adjust discharge door location simply by moving the motor and turning the machine. The mixer tub comes standard with a ½-inch thick floor plate, heavy-duty ¼-inch walls and two adjustable flow restrictors for exceptional mix quality of longer materials. The steel cone-top screw includes flighting that is 60% heavier for increased lifespan and durability. Screw wear points are also reinforced with AR-400 steel. A four-piece top safety guard encloses the mixer tub, meeting ASABE safety standards and promoting safer operation of the unit. The 400 Series II Vertical Mixer has a telescoping drive line with sheer bolt protection with easy access for maintenance and service.

A choice of three drive packages, one motor, two motor, or one motor without 2 speed gearbox, provide horsepower options while an optional variable frequency drive kit offers speed control for mixing and cleanout. Users will also be able to select from 5 knife options, including the patented Patz Raptor™ knife, and increase the capacity of their vertical mixer with optional side extensions.