New Holland’s PLMTM Connect is enabling producers to collect vast amounts of data that could increase yield productions and farm efficiencies.

“New Holland introduced these new advancements to our PLM Connect technology,” said Mark Hooper, Senior Director of Marketing for New Holland in North America. “With this technology, producers are able to gain valuable insights into their operation to help them increase yields, optimize input usage, all while becoming more efficient thanks to the new cloud-based data transfer and unsurpassed connectivity.”

PLM Connect now operates with a two-way wireless data transfer, enabling cloud-based technology to be used for secure transfer of data to and from machines in the field. There are many answers embedded within farm data that could further help producers improve yields and optimize the usage of their inputs, and cloud-based data transfer gives producers another way to increase efficiencies within their operation.

“In the past, a constraint of using PLM technology has been the cumbersome process of transporting the data from the field back to the farm or crop consultant and back to the field using USB drives,” said Dan Valen, New Holland’s Cash Crop Segment Marketing Manager. “The new cloud-based transfer system will allow producers to access data more efficiently and transform it in a way that can provide insights for optimizing input usages and improving yield productions.”

With PLM Connect’s wireless file transfer feature, producers no longer need to use USB drives for transferring data. They are now able transmit data such as guidance lines, boundaries, variable rate prescriptions, as-applied data, yield and moisture data through the cloud back to their farm office. The data can then be transformed into valuable insights for making informed planting and fertilizing decisions, or using variable rate application prescriptions.