The Water-Reel

Water-Reels are used in a variety of applications from watering sports fields to controlling dust in horse arenas. Agriculture has always been a strong market for Water-Reels. Kifco’s smaller B-Series Water-Reels are often used for smaller acreage & hobby farms, irrigating up to 3 acres per run. Farmers utilize Water-Reels to irrigate lost corners and supplement a pivot system, maximizing their yield. Ag-Rain Water-Reels are used for larger acreage and irregular shaped fields where a pivot system just doesn’t make sense and can irrigate up to 11 acres per run.

Expanding in the Agriculture Market with Weiss Master by Kifco

In December 2014, Kifco acquired the company Weiss Master Manufacturing in Brush, Colorado. In the few short months since the acquisition, it has moved the entire plant to their manufacturing headquarters in Havana, Illinois. Weiss Master Manufacturing specializes in custom hay heads, a product line developed by Leonard and Sonia Weiss and operated out of Brush, Colorado since 1995. In addition to hay heads, Weiss produces a line of cattle guards, loading chutes and fencing. Leonard Weiss, a Colorado Rancher, experienced first-hand in implementing equipment maintenance that there was a need for something more durable that worked as hard as the person using it. Through this experience, he set forth in the founding of Weiss Master Manufacturing.

“I was happy to see a company like Kifco take over what we started. I have full confidence that the Weiss Master product line will be just as successful nationally as it has for us regionally in Colorado” said Leonard Weiss, founder.