The new year is under way and like many of you I’m just starting out on the journey that is the resolution. Many of us have them: “I’m going to lose weight,” “I’m going to get out of debt,” or “I’m going to be nicer to people.” In the beginning, we start off strong, then, as the year goes on, we tend to forget our goals and let them fall by the wayside. Hopefully, some of you kept track of your goals and fulfilled your resolutions.

I was sort of in the middle. I was able to complete some of my resolutions and others were harder than anticipated. Many of them were personal like the aforementioned samples, but others were business/career-related. In crafting a resolution, I’ve always chosen some real platitudes, “write x amount of stories this year,” “make x more business contacts/relationships.” By doing this, I was able to keep track of my progress and make the necessary adjustments.

No matter what industry we work in, that is usually the way we conduct business or at least measure our progress… by tangible results. Traveling the country and visiting various types of growers gave me a sense of what progress means to them: “I want to increase more cropland,” “I want to try some new varieties,” or even “I just want to make enough to stay afloat.”

The gamut is full of aspirations and desired goals that a grower wants to meet for the new year. For some of you, this is your halfway point – a great time to check your progress and make the appropriate adjustments to your business plan. Regardless, this is the natural time to reflect on the positives and negatives of your journey.

So now, I respectfully inquire of you: What is your resolution for 2016? What do you want to do with your land for the new year? Do you want to increase? Do you want to downsize? Add more crops? Is this the year you’re handing the reins down to the next generation? Or are you ready to take the next bold step in agriculture?

There’s no wrong answer, especially if you have a plan to move forward in your business. One of my goals has to do with more increase in all aspects of my life. I hope it’s yours as well. Whatever it is, we would love to hear about it! Until then, cheers!