As the industry is beginning to realize the discrepancies between potassium soil analysis and actual plant available potassium, NACHURS has introduced Bio-K, a form of an inorganic salt reacted with an organic acid to form potassium acetate fertilizer. Bio-K provides all of the benefits of traditional potassium fertilizer and is unique because of the acetate carrier molecule.

  • Acetate is a naturally occurring plant metabolite that is a vital component of the Kreb’s cycle, which is the process whereby living cells convert food to energy.
  • Acetate also provides a base for the formation of other plant compounds including:
    • Fatty acids
    • Auxins
    • Sterols
    • Phenolic acids
    • Gibberelins
    • Flavonoids
    • Amino acids
    • Chlorophyll
  • Acetate is very important to plant signaling compounds. These compounds enhance defense mechanisms and act as plant root exudates which mine phosphates and micronutrients from soil solution. The result is improved plant productivity.

Bio-K preforms as a fertilizer for fertigation, in-furrow and foliar applications. Its diversity is possible because potassium acetate is characterized by:

  • Very low salt index and leaf burn potential
  • Low molecular weight
  • Crop reorganization of acetate as a plant metabolite

The Bio-K concept has been adapted into several NACHURS products such as NACHURS HKW6, NACHURS K19-S, NACHURS K24, NACHURS Triple Option, NACHURS Finish Line, NACHURS imPulse and NACHURS TMR-DP.

For more information on how to get access to this revolutionary technology, contact your local NACHURS dealer or sales representative at or (800) 622-4877.