Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc., is proud to bring dairy producers its most comfortable freestall bedding solution yet. The new, patent-pending DCC Waterbeds ISO is a premium water bladder system where there are two isolated chambers, one for the cow’s knees and one for her body, to create the ultimate solution for cow comfort, consistency, cushion and support.

DCC Waterbeds, with two chambers that are connected by small water channels, have been providing comfort to cows around the world for more than 10 years. DCC Waterbeds float the hocks, knees, and udder and stay dry — a proven, comfortable alternative to deep-bedded sand or solids. The new DCC Waterbeds ISO design offers even more protection for the cow’s knees as she drops to the lying position, ensures consistent support for her hocks and udder, and requires minimal top bedding.

DCC Waterbeds ISO are custom-fit in your barn, ensuring each cow has the maximum support and protection.

“The DCC Waterbeds ISO provides consistency and comfort in a system that is proven to be durable well beyond its 10-year limited warranty,” said Dean Throndsen, president of ACT and designer of the DCC Waterbeds ISO. “No other bedding system has been in barns for 15 years and has dairy producers saying that they look as good as day one. DCC Waterbeds are built to last, and the ISO is built for maximum comfort.”

The dual-chambered design of the DCC Waterbeds ISO includes a pillow that fits exactly where the cow’s knees drop and a larger pillow to support her rear end, hocks and udder. The heavy-duty rubber construction has no top cover, and the dual fill points ensure the cow is evenly supported at all times, especially during the descent and ascent.

After a year of testing, the DCC Waterbeds ISO is already showing that it can outperform traditional cow mats. Mike Verhasselt of Verhasselt Farms, Ltd., in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, has 2,800 milking cows that rest on 1,052 original DCC Waterbeds (installed in 2011) and 504 DCC Waterbeds ISO (installed in 2013), and 1,200 other various types of cow mats. Verhasselt also previously bedded 600 stalls in sand.

“Right now on the market, for me, the ISO bed is the best option for cow comfort,” said Verhasselt. “What I like about waterbeds is they are close as we’ve seen to our sand stalls, and I mean as close to sand on day one or two after filling, in terms of comfort. What is better is the waterbeds are consistent day in and day out, with none of the maintenance. If I miss bedding the barn, the stalls are still comfortable. Right now my per-cow average is higher and my cell count is roughly the same as when we had sand bedding. It would be hard to convince me that I would get better production or lower count with sand than I’m getting right now.”

Unlike traditional flat mats, water can never pack, ensuring long-lasting comfort. Unlike deep bedding, DCC Waterbeds are consistent every time a cow drops to the lying position, regardless of maintenance.

Unlike other concrete-platform-based bedding systems, the DCC Waterbeds ISO is designed for minimal to zero top bedding. This helps reduce waste, simplify manure management and eliminate maintenance, all while providing proven high levels of cow comfort and support.

DCC Waterbeds and DCC Waterbeds ISO are known to shed manure and moisture, keeping cows dry and bacteria levels low.

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