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Stoltz Manufacturing Revamps Website for Ag
Stoltz Manufacturing LLC has redesigned and enhanced its website. Overall, the new site, which is now active, has a clean, uncluttered design, better functionality and enhanced content. Bernard Hershberger, owner and president of Stoltzfus Spreaders, said one of the biggest changes is a site that is now mobile friendly.

New Valmetal Robotic Feed Pusher
Valmetal presents its new Robotic Feed Pusher, PRO FEED 2020. It uses an auger to lift and mix sorted silage or hay back into the feed line and the auger acts to fluff the feed, helping to release aroma and improve palatability. Operators can choose to control or monitor the robot using the included touchscreen or by remote access from a computer, tablet or cell phone, including email notification of the status.