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LogOx Log-Moving Tool
The LogOX is a 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool which combines a cant hook, timberjack, and hauler. The hollow steel frame design uses clevis pins to connect a cant hook handle extension and timberjack T-bar attachment to the Hauler, creating both additional tools, which are easy to disassemble and store in a 28” bag. The Hauler, which resembles and can be used as a 21” short cant hook, replaces the pulp hook for lifting logs off the ground.

Stoltzfus Spreaders Expands REDHAWK Ground Drive Lime and Fertilizer  Spreader Line with 10-Ton Model
Stoltzfus Spreaders has added a 10-ton version (CU-100) to its REDHAWKTM ground driven line of multi-use agricultural spreaders, which includes four-, five- and eight-ton models. The CU-100 is designed for medium to large farms. The new 10-ton Stoltzfus ground driven lime spreader has a 212- cubic-foot hopper. The 53-degree side slopes, 24-inch carbon steel slat-style drag chain and engineered drop pan work in combination to prevent bridging, allowing consistent material flow for true multi- purpose spreading.

NECO Introduces CSA Certified Fans
NECO has announced that the company’s line of centrifugal and axial fans recently received CSA certification. The new cCSAus designation comes after extensive testing and approval by the CSA organization, and now means that NECO fans are fully certified and meet all CSA standards in Canada and UL standards in the USA. The newly certified fans are currently in production and available for ordering for a fall delivery.

Patz Introduces New 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer Sizes
Patz Corporation announced two new sizes for our 2400 Series II Vertical Mixer line. They now offer 650 & 740 cu. ft. 2400 Series II Vertical Mixers. The 650 & 750 cu. ft. sizes will feature a twin screw design with patented baffle system. These new mixers share similar features to the other 2400 Series II mixers (810, 950, & 1100 cu. ft. units), including being available in an extra heavy (XH) version. The 650 and 750 vertical mixers are built on a narrower platform, which is comparable in width to the 3600 Series II mixer.