McLanahan Introduces Bedding Dryer, Valley Industries Acquires A1 Mist Sprayers: This Week’s Industry News

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McLanahan Introduces Bedding Dryer
McLanahan has introduced a bedding dryer designed to reduce the amount of moisture and mastitis-causing pathogens in recycled sand or manure solids. Sand or manure solids are processed at a rate of up to 90 TPH for sand and 18 TPH for manure and retained long enough to remove moisture and achieve maximum pathogen kill.

Valley Industries Acquires A1 Mist Sprayers
Valley Industries has completed the acquisition of A1 Mist Sprayers, a Nebraska-based company located in Ponca that manufacturers mist spraying applicators for the United States and Canada. The purchase will diversify Valley Industries already robust agricultural lineup, which includes Master Manufacturing Sprayers, Everflo Pumps, and Comet Pumps.