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ZETOR Tractor Plans to Extend Product Offering
For the immediate future, the company plans to extend its product offering with models covering power ranges from 45 to 200 hp. Currently the company is working on the development of a new model range of 45-80 hp. Also a new model with a 6-cylinder engine is in the development phase. In 2015, the company introduced its attractive design concept ZETOR by Pininfarina. At present, this concept is being applied to production with first tractors to be presented later this year.

Brookside Agra Develops Biomass Digester Program to Return 20-30 Percent of Nutrients Back into Soil
The plant and soil experts at Brookside Agra have developed a Digester Program that utilizes its natural products H2OExcel™and Advanced Bio Pro™ to return 20-30 percent of valuable biomass nutrients back into the soil, therefore reducing the amount of nutrients growers would need to apply in the spring.