Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School District has announced that DuPont Pioneer donated $5,000 toward the agri-science program as part of the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) program.

This grant is part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship of the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) CASE grant program. CASE offers grants of $2,500 to $5,000 to help train teachers and supply equipment and resources to prepare students for careers in agriculture and food. The goal is to support elimination of three cost barrier areas that have limited implementation of the program in their schools: teacher training, equipment and materials, and end-of-course assessments.

“Ensuring that we have enough safe, affordable food for all will require that more students understand agriculture and become leaders in food production, said Michelle Book, director of Community and Academic Relations for DuPont Pioneer. “We know that we cannot do this alone and are working with others in agriculture and education to give teachers the best resources to encourage youth to understand agriculture and consider careers in the industry.”

“Through this grant, students will work in sync with the rigorous CASE curriculum to be better prepared to pursue careers in the agriculture industry, as well as have an appreciation for agriculture,” said Sara Tuthill, an instructor at Vernon Verona Sherrill. “As a teacher, I will receive CASE training and material, which in turn will lead to more resources being available, enabling me to teach top-of-the-line curriculum.” Tuthill went on to say, “This grant will also provide funding for enhanced technology to further enhance the CASE curriculum and keep our students up to date on the agriculture industry today. Our school and program reaches many students with a range of abilities, this grant would help us to reach more people, with the hope of instilling a love of agriculture in all.”

Featured photo clarification from Sara Tuthill:Performance Premix is a local feed company from Holland Patent NY, the local vendor of DuPont Pioneer. I applied for the scholarship through Performance Premix of Pioneer to get the 5,000 dollars from DuPont Pioneer. Performance Premix is the name of the local Pioneer sales company, who supported me and was an intricate part of V.V.S. getting this scholarship.