Mathews Company (M-C) has announced the launch of a new grain dryer product line, the ECO Series.

Prototypes were purchased by five Midwest producers and M-C worked closely with them monitoring every operational aspect of the dryers. Throughout the harvest season, M-C’s Engineers and Field Service Technicians visited the dryer sites to perform a wide variety of tests. Both M-C and the ECO Series’ dryer owners were very excited with the results.

The ECO Series is available in four heat + cool or all-heat model sizes: E300/E300h, E400/E400h, E500/E500h, and E600/E600h. Drying capacities range from 550 – 1,100 bushels per hour when operating in all-heat mode removing 5 points of moisture from shelled corn and 310 – 610 bushels per hour when operating in heat + cool mode. M-C will introduce the ECO Series dryer to producers at both the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines, Iowa in February.