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Holstein Breed Reaches New Benchmark for Annual Fat Production
Holstein Association USA calculated the Mature Equivalent (ME) Production Breed Averages for 2015. The Holstein ME average for fat has reached 1,000 pounds for the first time, the Holstein ME for milk for 2015 is 26,690 pounds and for protein is 810 pounds.

New England Milk Cash Receipts Down 27 Percent in 2015
Cash receipts in New England from marketings of milk during 2015 totaled $778.9 million, 27 percent lower than 2014, according to Gary Keough, New England State Statistician. Producer returns averaged $18.79 per hundredweight, 27 percent below 2014. Marketings totaled 4.14 billion pounds, down slightly from 2014. Marketings include whole milk sold to plants and dealers and milk sold directly to consumers.

DewEze Introduces Pivot Squeeze Bale Beds
offers Pivot Squeeze Bale Beds with hydraulically extendable arms. Capable of telescoping their arms up to 20 inches, the XRM models allow operators to place bales in round bale feeders. They can also be used for stacking large round bales in a row. The bale arms pivot open and close from 120 to 24 inches wide and a swivel spinner design.

Retail Sales of Farm Tractors Under 40HP Up 7.8%
According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the United States retail sales of farm tractors under 40HP were up 7.8 percent in April 2016 compared to the same time period last year, with all other sizes of tractors as well as combines recording double-digit declines.

Worksaver “R” Series of Rotating Bale Hands
Worksaver introduced the “R” Series of rotating bale hands for handling wrapped or unwrapped round bales up to 2,200 lbs.  The “R” Series allows the operator to pick up a round bale, rotate it up to 110 degrees and stack it on end. Designed for round bales from 4’ to 6’, the unit features curved clamping arms to avoid puncturing wrapped bales.