Merck Animal Health Launches Educational Module: This Week’s Industry News

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Merck Animal Health Launches New Educational Module
Merck Animal Health, in partnership with the Beef Cattle Institute and Production Animal Consultation (PAC), released the sixth module in the CreatingConnections™ Educational Series that features industry experts who share insights and techniques to help ensure low-stress cattle handling. This module focuses on the stress of heat load on cattle, as well as heat stress management practices and their significance in maintaining the animals’ well-being.

ASTM Test Methods Helps Determine Soil Gradation
A new ASTM International standard will help people who regularly need to determine particle size distribution for soil, including civil engineers who build levees, farmers who fertilize crops, and many others. The new standard, (D7928, Test Methods for Particle Size Distribution (Gradation) of Fine-Grained Soils Using the Sedimentation (Hydrometer) Analysis, provides a test method for determining particle size. The new standard will help agronomists with drainage from and nutrient delivery to crops, laboratories seeking a defined method to perform the test and more.