Editor’s Note: Thoughts for the New Year

I hope everyone is feeling a bit rejuvenated this January: A new year, new adventures! It’s always good to start strong. We, at FARMING, are feeling particularly proud. If you didn’t notice our 20th-anniversary banner unfurled across our cover, we are using this year to celebrate our milestone.

For such an accomplishment of 20 years, we decided to add a few things for 2017. An item we wanted to share is the debut of our FARMING profile series. This is a feature that highlights the Northeast’s successful and unique farming operations. This month, we’re featuring Maine potato farmers, Lajoie Growers.

One aspect I’m excited about isn’t an addition, but more of an improvement: your feedback. Last year, l learned that there were plenty of you that had plenty to say. I’m appreciative of all the conversation I’ve had with farmers and our partners throughout the area.

Matter of fact, last month’s column sparked reaction from many of you with an assortment of views. hopeful toward the future. Here’s a sample:

  • “After reading your letter, I felt compelled to let you know you do service a diverse population. I, for example, come from a long line of Democrats as well as being Jewish. Happy Holidays to you and yes we will move forward for better or for worse.”
    ~ Israel Helfand – Cabot, Vermont
  • “I don’t think Trump will do as much damage to our current way of life as the Republican Congress will attempt. After almost eight years of saying “no” they feel that now is the time to push most of their ideas through because as an “outsider,” what does Trump know? I’d worry about Social Security, Medicare, healthcare in general, the numerous regulations, and the list goes on.”
    ~ Micheal Harodecki – Newport, New York

Thanks for your feedback and let’s keep the conversation going! Here’s to a productive 2017! Cheers!