Renaissance Nutrition is celebrating 20 years of providing dairy and livestock producers with services, products, resources and information. It has nutritional consultants that are located throughout the contiguous states and working hand-in-hand with producers on farms of all sizes and with all species. These consultants provide up-to-date nutritional input, balanced rationing, livestock health care information, farm management insights and agronomic products and services that can make a positive difference.

The consultants work with producers to determine what products and ingredients are necessary to ensure a balance that can provide desired results, while impacting productivity and profitability, improving milk components, herd health and reproduction, and effectively addressing herd management and forage inputs.

Renaissance is determined to maintain customer-oriented services in the nutrition, premix, feed business and agronomy. During the past few years, the company has seen growth and development, adding to its staff of nutritional experts, expanding its agronomy applications and product offerings, increasing its sales and consulting staff, adding to office, manufacturing, warehousing and trucking capabilities, and moving into new geographic areas. The company also provides technical features and articles for local and national publications through the research work of its own technical staff.