In honor of National Ag Day on March 18, Farm Credit East celebrates the contributions of agriculture producers throughout the Northeast. The agricultural, commercial fishing and forest products industries contribute $99.4 billion to regional total sales and generate 474,482 jobs in the Northeast.

Northeast agriculture is characterized by its diversity and consumer focus. Major agriculture industries in the region include dairy, greenhouse, nursery, fruit and vegetable. 12 million acres are farmed in the Northeast.

“Often overlooked as an economic engine, agriculture creates economic activity and hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the region,” said Bill Lipinski, Farm Credit East CEO. “Agriculture has a bright future here in the Northeast and with appropriate state policies and community support will continue to enhance our economy.”

This information comes from a study recently released by Farm Credit East Knowledge Exchange titled Economic Impacts of Agriculture in Eight Northeastern States. This study was completed by Dr. Rigoberto Lopez, Nataliya Plesha and Dr. Ben Campbell, from the University of Connecticut. The study analyzes the importance of agriculture and related industries to the Northeast economy, as well as the changing structure of agriculture.