DYNA Products Launches 27 Rental Centers, John May Farm Safety Fund Accepting Applications: This Week’s Industry News

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DYNA Products Launches 27 Rental Centers
DYNA Products introduced 27 new rental centers across Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. DYNA also announced its OEM partnership with Caterpillar, Inc and its first Firewood Processor available through CAT has been placed with MacAllister Rentals/The CAT Rental Store out of Midland, Michigan.

John May Farm Safety Fund Accepting Applications
The John May Farm Safety Fund, established for New York farmers who need financial help to improve safety on their farms, is now accepting applications. Farmers may receive up to $5,000 in assistance.

Merck Animal Health Receives License for BOVILIS CORONAVIRUS
Merck Animal Health announced the launch of
BOVILIS CORONAVIRUS, a USDA-approved modified-live intranasal vaccine to aid in reduction of enteric disease caused by Bovine Coronavirus (BCV). BCV is often prevalent in cow/calf beef herds and dairy calves and is frequently diagnosed as the leading pathogen in neonatal calves. This intranasal vaccine is approved for use in calves as young as 3 days of age.