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Stoltzfus Spreaders Expands Wet Lime Spreader Product Line
Stoltzfus Spreaders has added a 10-ton version (WLS-100) to its line of wet lime agricultural spreaders, which includes two-, four-, five- and eight-ton WLS models. The 10-ton Stoltzfus wet lime spreader has a 212-cubic-foot hopper made of 11-gauge steel. The 53-degree side slopes, 24-inch carbon steel slat-style drag chain and engineered drop pan work in combination to prevent bridging.

ClearSpan’s Announces New Dairy Building
ClearSpan Fabric Structures announced a new structural solution, the Dairy Building. The Dairy Building creates a well-ventilated environment that can be utilized year-round for milking and cattle housing. The design presents an interior without any support posts and the sidewalls feature motorized curtains that are thermostatically controlled. The structures are available in stock buildings as large as 120 feet wide by 250 feet long but can also be custom designed.

Massachusetts Maple Producers Have Record Year
Massachusetts maple syrup producers had a record season for the second year in a row in 2016, according to data released by the National Agricultural Statistics Survey (NASS). The 77,000 gallons of maple syrup exceeded by 2,000 gallons the amount produced in 2015, which itself had been a record. In addition, Massachusetts sugarmakers added a total of 5,000 taps statewide in 2016, according to NASS, and many have increased efficiency by installing modern equipment and adopting sustainable practices that help to boost yield.

Tractor Guard Window Protection
U.S. Farm Innovations announced Tractor Guard Window Protection that eliminates issues associated with broken glass on farm equipment. They are made of clear poly-carbonate and are custom fitted to any make and model of tractor or farm equipment.