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Production Agriculture is Now on OSHA’s Radar
Production agriculture is now on OSHA and EPA’s radar. Agricultural employers, even those with as few as 10 employees, must have documentation that they are providing required safety training. OSHA increased its fines by 80 percent this year across the board, and additional training requirements are being imposed on ag businesses, with more stringent regulations added on a regular basis. Businesses will soon be required to report all injuries immediately, rather than just the most severe incidents.

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Sweeps American Farm Bureau’s Presidents Awards, Awards of Excellence
The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) made a clean sweep of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s President Awards and Awards of Excellence for states with similar size memberships. These annual awards are given to states that demonstrate excellence in the programs that they implement and complete during the last year. These awards are broken out into six categories, which include education and outreach; leadership development; member benefits; member initiatives; policy development and implementation; and public relations and communications. All of these categories require a written application explaining programs that MFBF implemented during the past year.