Agricultural Development Project Underway, PFB Endorses New Law: This Week’s Industry News

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Northern New York Agricultural Development Project Underway at Miner Insitute
A project is underway to evaluate ways that dairy farmers can manage calf nutrition to reduce the impact of heat stress on young animals. The research team is working with three groups of calves housed in outdoor hutches at the Miner Institute dairy farm in Clinton County. Researchers are evaluating the use of milk replacer supplemented with fat as a way to increase caloric intake without the calves having to consume a larger quantity of milk replacer.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Endorses GMO Labeling Bill
The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has endorsed a new law that requires mandatory labeling on food grown from genetically engineered ingredients (GMO). President Obama has signed the new law that allows companies to: place text on a food label stating it contains genetically engineered ingredients; putting a symbol on packaging to recognize those ingredients; or using a digital link, such as a Q.R. (quick response) code, that consumers can scan with a smartphone. Farm Bureau noted that the GMO labeling issue is a marketing issue and not about food safety.