Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working farm mothers!

Farm mothers are a special group of ladies who deserve recognition every day. A farm mother is a quiet partner who gives of herself in unselfish ways. She is the person who bottle feeds a sickly baby lamb; the one who does the children’s chores, allowing them to participate in after-school activities; the woman who camps at the county fair feeding tired and hungry kids; the one who runs errands during haying season; and so much more.

Joanna Lidback shares her farm and family experiences in her blog, FarmLifeLove.com

Many farmers’ wives work off the farm, too, in addition to their farm activities. It takes a special kind of lady to marry a farmer and embody this lifestyle. Most women who marry a farmer grew up on a farm and understand the sacrifices that go along with farming. However, there are some women who did not, but have come to love farm living. Joanna Lidback of Westmore, Vermont, is a shining example of a woman who embraces farming and is willing to share her story with others. While growing up, Joanna dreamed of being a farmer. When her Methodist minister father landed at a church in Spencer, Massachusetts, Joanna found a way to raise 4-H calves at a neighbor’s farm. This started her lifetime love affair with Jerseys and farming.

Adam and Joanna and their two small sons milk Jerseys and Holsteins on their diversified dairy. They also market the Jersey meat at local farmers markets and through their website. Joanna understands the impact of social media and utilizes it to share the joys and sorrows of farming with everyone. Her blog at http://www.farmlifelove.com speaks for itself. She answers the question, “What makes farming worth the heartache?” She passionately shares the joys of nursing a sick calf, cutting fresh hay, watching her children accompany dad to the barn, and enjoying all the other wonderment involved with taking care of animals.

Mother and son pose for a farm selfie.

Her zest for sharing agricultural information does not stop with her website. She is an active member of Farm Bureau and a business consultant for Yankee Farm Credit. She has testified in Vermont and Washington D.C. about farm bills.

In fact, Joanna was the only farmer chosen to speak at a hearing before the House Ag Committee examining the impacts of mandatory GMO labeling. She is willing to share her knowledge on this controversial subject to ensure that her children will have a future in agriculture. Joanna truly is the best of farm moms, and a great farm wife to her husband, Adam.

As a young child, Lidback enjoys the presence of a calf.

Adam is lucky he found someone to share his passion for farming. I, too, found that special person. On May 26, my husband Danny and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. He did not grow up on a farm, but he, too, has accepted the joys of living with a farmer’s daughter. He has learned to feed calves, chase heifers, stack hay, fix fence, harness horses, and, most importantly, appreciate the devotion farmers have for larger animals. I jokingly say our wedding song should have been Loretta Lynn’s hit, “You’re Lookin’ at Country,” because the phrase “Does a barnyard shovel fit your hand?” sure is applicable to me and to Adam.

Happy anniversary to all couples celebrating their special day in May, and Happy Mother’s Day to all farm moms and grandmothers. You are all special ladies.

For more information on Joanna Lidback, go to her website at http://www.farmatwheelermoutain.com.