There is a new high-speed coulter applicator hitting the market this fall. AgSynergy’s Genesis SABR is a single-disc, low-disturbance, high-speed opener for the placement of anhydrous ammonia with the ability to dual-place with liquid or dry fertilizer.

The Genesis SABR has many of the same features as AgSynergy’s Genesis TRX, which is a tracked row unit with extremely low disturbance. The most noticeable differences are the lack of tracks on the Genesis SABR and the use of the Saber Tooth Insert (STI) coulter blade from Prescription Tillage Technology (PTT). In addition, the Genesis SABR is versatile in a wide range of conditions and tillage practices. It has a very open design for easy access and minimized plugging in harsh conditions. There is no daily maintenance required and a low operating cost.

The new row unit is a low-disturbance opener that has the ability to leave a small mound with some residue spread back over the top versus leaving an inverted “V” trench, thus reducing erosion risk and providing a more uniform seed bed. In addition to working extremely well in no-till conditions, it also has excellent performance in tilled conditions, unlike other no-till openers.

“The Genesis SABR applicators provide a solution for producers and custom applicators that are looking for high speed, very consistent depth control, low disturbance, versatility, reliability and lower cost of ownership,” explained AgSynergy’s general manager, Joe Reitz.

The similarities between the Genesis SABR and Genesis TRX include the unique ability to provide very consistent depth control from row to row, even in terrain with aggressive elevation changes.  This is accomplished through AgSynergy’s patent-pending “walking beam” design.

The design also includes 20 inches of vertical independent working travel in each row, active hydraulic down pressure and individual row unit hydraulic cylinders.  The Genesis SABR and Genesis TRX also share the feature of 5 degrees of side-to-side pivot for following contours and use a straight coulter blade that minimizes side wall compaction.

AgSynergy’s Genesis SABR units are available for the 2014 fall NH3 application season and can be mounted on all of AgSynergy’s applicator models with 30-inch row spacing.

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