Small Livestock Equipment & Supplies


The Wrangler portable livestock scale features a 90-inch aluminum platform, AA battery-powered digital indicator and flexible stainless steel cable guard., 800-225-7695


Grow fresh feed year-round with Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed Systems. Use the full-size system's seven-day growing cycle to produce over 250 pounds of fodder each day., 800-327-6835

Hoskins Mfg.

Offering a complete line of livestock waterers for sheep and small livestock in stainless steel, with continuous flow feature available., 800-658-4020

Kencove Farm Fence Supplies

Kencove Electric Netting allows fast and portable pasturing of sheep, goats, poultry and more, with step-in posts already built into the fence., 800-536-2683

Milk Products

Sav-A-Caf elim-A-fly stops the development of fly larvae in manure from treated calves. Contains diflubenzuron. For use in whole milk or milk replacer., 920-849-2348


"Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas" includes information on feeding and facilities; health care and first aid; behavior and training; building a herd; and more., 800-558-9595

No-Bull Enterprises

The Callicrate Wee Bander is designed for newborn livestock and insures proper tensioned ligation every time - the key to effective, humane castration., 800-858-5974

Ryder Supply Co.

EcoFount automatic waterers feature electric heat, stainless steel trough surrounded by fully insulated poly, plastic drink well and floating thermal caps., 888-464-6379

Wedge-Loc Co.

Wedge-Loc hardware turns T-posts into braces for all types of livestock fencing, both permanent and temporary, and accommodating all materials., 800-669-7218