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Need Help Crunching Your Farm Numbers?

Crunching Your Farm Numbers is a program currently being offered to any Vermont dairy producer upon request. It is a free and confidential service designed to help farmers manage their farm’s cash flow and credit needs for the next one or more years. Once financial and production information is provided to them, UVM Extension specialists can offer a full picture of a farm’s historical financial performance and help in developing cash flow projections for future years.

To learn more about this program, call one of the Farmer’s Hotline telephone numbers: St. Albans, 800-639-2130, St. Johnsbury, 800-545-8920 or Rutland,800-281-6977.

Pennsylvania Introduces Farm Odor Management Regulations

Pennsylvania has introduced regulations to manage odors from newly constructed animal barns and certain other agricultural operations. The new regulations are intended to help minimize the potential for conflicts between neighbors.

As directed by Pennsylvania’s Facility Odor Management Regulations in Act 38 of 2005, beginning February 27, any concentrated animal operation or concentrated animal feeding operation that builds or expands an animal barn or manure storage facility is required to develop an odor management plan. An odor management specialist certified under the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and approved by the State Conservation Commission must develop the plan. The regulations do not affect existing animal housing or manure storage facilities, nor are there any requirements relating to land applications of manure. However, any agricultural operation may volunteer to address new or existing facilities in an odor management plan developed under this program.

For more information, visit or contact Karl Dymond, program coordinator, at 570-836-2181 or