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Feed Mixers

Choosing the right ingredients for your farm

  Mixing your own rations for livestock can be tricky. Improperly mixed rations won't provide the correct balance of energy, protein and nutrients for your animals. Selecting the right mixer maximizes nutrition, increases feed economy and simplifies custom blending.
  "Mixers should be matched to the type of ration fed," said Dr. Karl Hoppe, area extension specialist for livestock systems at North Dakota State University's Carrington Research Extension Center. "Vertical mixers work well for high-forage rations, ribbon mixers work well for general use, and horizontal mixers ... (Read More...)

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8/23/2014 - DuPont Pioneer to Build $35 Million Soybean Research Facility at Stine Haskell Research Center

DuPont Pioneer announced plans to build a $35 million soybean research facility at its Stine Haskell Research Center in Newark, Delaware. The nearly 134,000-square-foot facility will include two state-of-the-art automated greenhouses and is expected ...More

8/22/2014 - Deadlines Approaching for 2014 All-American Dairy Show

The entry period is closing for dairy producers and dairy industry youth to register for shows and contests at Now Premiering: The 2014 All-American Dairy Show. The last day for late entries for the shows is August 29. The show is September 13-18 ...More
Horse Farming the Progressive Way  - Why would 32,000 people take time out of their busy schedules on a patriotic holiday ...

8/22/2014 - Horse Farming the Progressive Way

Dale K. Stoltzfus
Why would 32,000 people take time out of their busy schedules on a patriotic holiday weekend in 2014 to go to an event that showcases modern horse farming equipment powered by quality draft horses in actual field conditions? Why would they stand five ...More

8/21/2014 - Agriculture Department Honors Two Farm Families

Agriculture Secretary George Greig recognized two Pennsylvania farm families for their long-standing contributions to Pennsylvania's agriculture industry at Penn State's Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, Centre County. He honored Wayne E. and Robin ...More

8/21/2014 - Emerging Markets for Bioenergy Crops

Sally Colby
Imagine a farm on which both traditional crops and recent introductions, such as switchgrass, miscanthus and willow, are thriving. The farm features a bedded pack barn for dry cows constructed from building materials obtained from woody products grown ...More

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