Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Achieves Membership Goal


The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has eclipsed its all-time membership record, increasing total membership by 1,460 members to 59,782. In reaching its highest membership total in the 64-year history of the statewide farmer-run organization, the PFB achieved its 2014 goal and qualified for the American Farm Bureau Federation Navigator Award.
"Farmers played a major role in helping our organization build its membership for the 17th consecutive year by encouraging other farm families and people involved in the agricultural community to join Pennsylvania Farm Bureau," said Carl T. Shaffer, PFB president.
The PFB noted that a growing membership and the true grassroots involvement of farmers makes the farm bureau all the more influential when presenting a unified message to policymakers at the state and national level.
"Farmers are keenly aware of how farm bureau works to solve problems for agriculture. They also understand that the organization gets results when members contribute their valuable time to discuss critical issues with lawmakers and the public," added Shaffer. 
The PFB also aggressively represents agriculture as a member of dozens of government advisory boards and industry groups. "Our comprehensive work agenda encompasses all of agriculture, including protecting the use of acceptable farm practices, promoting initiatives to strengthen farm income, and increasing outreach and conversations with people who buy our food," concluded Shaffer.