Free NozzleCalc App from Greenleaf Technologies


Greenleaf Technologies is proud to announce the availability of the free NozzleCalc app. Chemical labels are recommending specific droplet sizes, making it imperative to select nozzles for droplet size and not simply GPA. Greenleaf developed this app with the people who spray in mind. It provides the most convenient resource for ensuring accurate Greenleaf spray nozzle selection so you get the right droplet sizes.
To use the nozzle calculator feature, simply enter your desired speed and application rate, along with your nozzle spacing. NozzleCalc will recommend several options of TurboDrop (TDXL), AirMix (AM), and TurboDrop DualFan (TADF) nozzles in various sizes. Just choose the nozzle that matches your required droplet size and spray with confidence.

NozzleCalc also includes information about other Greenleaf products, as well as a speed-dial button for calling directly to Greenleaf's main office. It is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
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