Two-Box Seed Tote with Belt Conveyor is Seed-Friendly


Improved features and options make the new CrustBuster Two-Box Seed Tote equipped with Speed King's belt conveyor a good choice for seed handling. It is now available with an optional telescoping conveyor and standard rubber-lined spout.

The Two-Box Seed Tote, which offers a 12-foot, three-piece telescoping downspout and 180-degree horizontal travel can easily fill 40-foot planters in the field. The Speed King belt system is gentle with seed. The Two-Box Tote uses a crescent belt that gently carries the seed. Belt speeds are preset to eliminate impact damage and will safely discharge up to 900 pounds per minute.

There are no concerns about cross-contamination, because CrustBuster/Speed King belt systems perform 100 percent clean-out of seed varieties, which is a must for seed retailers.

The updated frame allows for easier loading or unloading from the rear with access to seed box gates and sliding bar hold-downs. Built with heavy-duty construction for years of trouble-free performance, these totes are made for easy transport from seed dealer to field site.

In addition to the new Two-Box Tote, CrustBuster offers a Four-Box Seed Tote and seed tenders in 160, 240 and 330-bushel capacities with various options. 

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