Sterling College to Host Hand-Hewing/Timber Framing Workshop


Hand-hewing expert and author Mike Beaudry will be giving a two-day workshop on hewing and timber framing at Sterling College on October 19-20, 2013.

Beaudry is a timber framer, timber hewer, and log builder who lives and teaches in Montville, Maine. His hewing abilities have been promoted by the Timber Framers Guild. He has taught and demonstrated hewing for the guild at restoration projects in Maine, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

Rick Thomas, sustainable agriculture faculty member and draft horse manager at Sterling College, said, "This is an exciting opportunity for people to have a hands-on learning experience in hand-hewing and framing. Mike's a great teacher who's really committed to passing on his techniques and his experience."

Beaudry is also the author of "Crafting Frames of Timber," and most recently, "The Axe Wielder's Handbook." In this book, he interweaves experience with history to present an effective and interesting treatment on the use of axes and related tools. The book details how to fell trees, split wood, make fence rails, hew timbers, make shingles, and build log buildings and timber frames.

The cost of the workshop is $50; $25 for students. To sign up for the workshop, please email Rick Thomas at