MOFGA Low-Impact Forestry Workshop


The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association will offer Low-Impact Forestry: Level II Draft Animal Logging, scheduled for October 18-20 in Bethel, Maine. This three-day workshop builds on the skills that students developed in the Level I Draft Power Logging Workshop. Students are expected to have completed LIF's Level I course, or be able to demonstrate equivalent experience. Over the course of this workshop, students will work closely with instructors in a production-like scenario to apply their skills as teamsters to real-life logging scenarios.

Topics will vary, and will reflect the interest and skills of the students, but in general the workshop will cover safe draft animal operation in the woods, proper harnessing and equipment for logging, road layout, managing a log yard, and establishing an efficient pace for you and the animals, as well as marketing your skills, selling wood, value-added products and more. In general, students will work with the instructors' animals, but there may be opportunities for private instruction for you and your animals. If you are interested in bringing your animal(s) for instruction, please contact Andy McEvoy, the forestry coordinator.

Auditing the course is a great opportunity for landowners, loggers, foresters, and others who may be interested in learning more about draft-powered logging, but aren't necessarily interested in doing it themselves.

Tent space is available. Students should make arrangements for their own meals. A stove, grill and refrigerator will be available. Food and accommodations are available in nearby Bethel. Instructors will be John Plowden and Tracey Wilkerson. The cost is $300 for the complete course; $25/$45 for audit. Register by October 1.

For more information, call or email Andy McEvoy (207-568-4142), or visit