GenerationNext: Building the Next Generation of Farmers


When it comes to managing their operation, farmers are called upon to master many aspects of the business. The Farm Credit East GenerationNext program helps young farmers get a jump-start on their career through a series of business management seminars. Farm Credit East has now released a short video about the GenerationNext program.

In this video, business consultant Bill Martin explains the benefits of participating in the program for both those just getting started in a farm business or those who will take over an existing business. GenerationNext helps the young farmer develop skills that they can use in everyday life situations.

GenerationNext is a series of seminars hosted by Farm Credit East and designed to advance management skills and business knowledge. Each seminar includes group discussions, idea sharing and opportunities to network. In addition, all participants receive a self-paced computer-based course that supports the fundamental skills covered by the program, as well as a take-home portfolio filled with handouts and worksheets.

GenerationNext is optimal for those people, ages 20 to 35, who will be the next-generation operators of a farm business. By participating in this program, participants will be able to identify areas for personal growth and development; acquire tools to help successfully manage their business; and network with other young industry leaders. To view this short video and for more information on GenerationNext, visit