Farm Credit East Representatives Urge Action by Congress


In visits this week to Congressional offices, 12 representatives of Farm Credit East urged Congress to take action to establish an effective agricultural guest worker program and support a strong federal crop insurance program.
CEO Bill Lipinski noted, "Agriculture is a vibrant part of the economy in the Northeast and ensures that consumers have locally-grown, safe farm products. It is important that we have federal and state policies that allow agriculture to grow and provide opportunities for the next generation of farmers."
Lipinski also noted the need to deal with the on-going farm labor problem: "To ensure that we continue to have a strong and diverse agricultural industry, Congress needs to approve creation of a new and efficient agricultural guest worker program. Failure to address this issue will cause farms to go out of business, jobs in the U.S. will be lost and we will import more food from other countries."
Farm Credit East representatives also urged Congress to support a strong crop insurance program to help farmers to manage risk on their operations and make improvements to the Farm Service Agency loan guarantee program to allow more participation.