Explore the Possibilities of Peat


The Lambert family has been providing sphagnum peat moss for different aspects of agriculture and industry for over 80 years.

Animal bedding, particularly horse bedding, has become of serious interest because horse owners, breeders and veterinarians want to provide clean and sustainable bedding, stall and workout areas for animals.

Research done by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food has determined that of the four major bedding products, moistened peat moss provides a substantially increased moisture-holding capacity compared to pine, wheat straw and coir.

This offers stable owners the ability to preorder long-fibered blonde sphagnum (white peat) during the summer's peat harvest, thus insuring there will be enough bedding on hand in a plastic bale that is sealed to the elements for all-season use.

Bales come in compressed sizes, including 3.8, 5.5, 6 and 55 cubic feet, as well as the 120-cubic-foot Super Bulk Bale.

Lambert will ship full truckloads of 20 to 24 pallets or half loads of 12 pallets, as long as there is another matching half load to deliver nearby (within 100 miles).

Lambert blonde, long-fiber sphagnum peat offers a consistently available, clean, organic, compostable, highly sorbent (less urine odor) bedding product that your favorite breed will enjoy under their hooves.

The product is safe and nontoxic, and animals won't eat it like they will wheat straw, so there is less loss.

Call Jeff Bishop for more information and price quotes at 315-480-1900 (cell) or 888-632-8808, or email him at lambertpeatmoss@aol.com. Visit www.lambertpeatmoss.com.