Take Part in the Controlled Environment Agriculture School at FarmTek


FarmTek will be hosting a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) School, scheduled for June 18-20, 2013. FarmTek's mission is to provide the highest-quality products at affordable prices with excellent customer service. They have advanced their goal of serving the horticultural community by offering the chance to learn about some of the latest trends in horticulture and agriculture, such as year-round hydroponic growing, fodder production and an introduction to aquaponics.

The purpose of these sessions is to educate growers of any background about the variety of controlled environment agriculture opportunities. The hydroponics portion of the event will discuss production factors, troubleshooting, disease control, marketing produce and more. FarmTek has a large variety of hydroponic systems at their campus in Dyersville, Iowa, and attendees will benefit from a lot of hands-on experience. The fodder curriculum will cover using fodder in livestock operations, system components, sanitation, producing microgreens for high-end markets and more. The introduction to aquaponics will go over the basics of fish farming, the connection between hydroponic vegetable production and fish farming, how to construct aquaponic systems to produce at a variety of levels and more.

The CEA school costs $995, which includes three nights' lodging and lunch each day. As an added bonus, if a complete hydroponic, fodder or aquaponic system is purchased after completion of the school, purchasers will receive $995 off. If a system has already been purchased from FarmTek, the cost of the CEA school is free.

Registration is currently open for the CEA school. Attendance is limited to 24 people. For more information and instructions on how to register, visit www.FarmTek.com/TechCenter.