Big Dog Scrapers Easily Handle Leveling, Grading or Lot Cleaning


The Big Dog BH Series Movers/Scrapers and the BH-100 Feedlot Series offer the producer versatile earthmoving capacity. They are great for all types of leveling, finish grading and backfilling applications for commercial feedlots, outdoor arenas, building sites, maintenance operations on farm and ranch roads, and construction sites. 

The BH Series is available in 10 or 12-foot widths, is built solid with 3/8-inch end plates and has a dump height of up to 18 inches. The BH-100 Feedlot Series is also available in both 10 and 12-foot widths. End plates are .5 inch thick and 41 inches in height. This unit allows up to a 24-inch dump height. 

Both the BH Series Movers/Scrapers and the BH-100 Feedlot Series work well with 75 to 100 hp tractors and are equipped with 6-inch reversible blades. Units can be adjusted to tilt right or left. For those larger-capacity projects, Big Dog Forced Ejection Scrapers are available in 11, 8 and 6.5-yard capacities and 7 or 7.5-foot width of cut for 160 to 240 hp tractors.

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