Affordable Dairy Digester Seminar Set for New York Farm Show


Improved design plus the benefits of bedding, compost, farm-generated power and heat are making turnkey anaerobic digesters more affordable for all sizes of dairy farms. That's why the UEM Group, an international environmental services firm, will host a one-hour seminar at 1 p.m., Friday, February 22, during the New York Farm Show.

Nina Kshetry, who leads UEM digester deployment efforts in North America, will cover the costs, benefits and financing of digesters, which are now affordable for even small and midsized dairies, particularly in New York state. "Several years ago, we began developing anaerobic digesters designed specifically for small to midsized dairy farms--less than 500 cattle," notes Kshetry. "We're starting to market in New York due to the large number of dairies in the small to midsize range and due to the favorable state policies and incentives for dairy digesters."

The seminar is geared toward dairy farmers--regardless of size--who might be considering digester installation. Part of UEM's recent focus has been on designing more economical small digesters for smaller dairies.

Kshetry will share project results from the 220-head dairy at Joneslan Farm near Hyde Park, Vt. The seminar will go over the basics of a typical digester process scheme, plus an optional add-on process to remove nutrients. She'll show the range of costs and benefits to be expected from a typical digester. Current and future grant opportunities for such New York projects, plus other available financing mechanisms, will also be outlined.

UEM's portfolio includes waste system design for industries, food processors, slaughterhouses, sewage sludge and other high organic content waste streams. Kshetry has a master's degree in environmental engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The "Affordable Dairy Digester" seminar will be held in the Bistro Room of the Arts and Home Center at the New York State Fairgrounds on Syracuse's western edge. For more information, contact Nina Kshetry via email at  or via phone (office: 561-683-2273, ext. 3#; cell: 561-294-0138). Or visit her at UEM's exhibit: Booth 14 in the Arts and Home Center.

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