Revolutionize Your Land Management Chores


The patented Star Hill Jawz from Starhill Solutions is a powerful, dual-actuated gripping tool designed to exert a firm grasp on embedded objects in the ground, thereby allowing the operator to harness their machine and loader power to pull the tree, plant, post, stake or rock from the ground.

The tool will revolutionize how you do your land management chores. Uproot unwanted bushes and trees with ease. You can precisely move and place large rocks and boulders, and remove stakes and fence posts safely.

Jawz is simple in design. Based upon the principle of applying tandem hydraulic squeezing power through a steel finger attachment, Jawz delivers the required gripping power to handle those hard-to-remove objects with ease.

Jawz is safe, easy to attach, enhances productivity and fits any machine--small, medium, or large--that has an attachment coupling system.

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