Greene Lumber to Reopen


The Wagner Group of Companies and Baillie Lumber are pleased to announce their plans to reopen the Greene Lumber Co. in Davenport, N.Y. (Delaware County). Production is expected to begin in April 2013. Greene was acquired by Baillie in May 2005, and the mill operated until November 2008, at which time production was temporarily suspended due to economic conditions. Wagner and Baillie believe that now is a good time to reopen Greene. The mill will initially employ approximately 40 people, with the possibility of eventually increasing to 60. Recruitment efforts for key positions are currently under way.

Jeff Lisk, who managed Greene from 2005 to 2008, will serve as mill manager. Lisk commented, "We're excited about the opportunity to reopen Greene. Through the winter, we plan to upgrade much of the equipment in the mill so that production should flow better than ever."

Tom Gerow, head of procurement for Wagner, will spearhead the procurement efforts at Greene. Regarding the reopening of Greene, Gerow commented, "With this facility, we will be able to provide our forestry, logging and log buying services farther into eastern New York, and bring our honest, no-nonsense business ethic as well."

Wagner and Baillie are under common ownership and will jointly operate Greene. For more information, call Lisk at 315-436-2414 or Gerow at 607-760-7491.