The MT-PRO+ Advantage Portable Grain Moisture Tester


AgraTronix has unveiled the MT-PRO+ 05100 Portable Grain Moisture Tester. The MT-PRO+ features a direct readout for 40 different grain scales for high-moisture grain up to 40 percent. The grain meter accurately indicates the above limit and below limit moisture values for farmers working to preserve the value of their crops and ensure that their grain sells for what it is worth.

The new MT-PRO+ stands apart from its predecessor with its many advantages, including a USB port for personalization (adding user name), grain scale, firmware and diagnostic updates. The MT-PRO+ has a new, large, 2.5-inch LCD screen with selectable large or standard size fonts. The screen displays the active function and allows the user to scroll up or down through the numbered grain scales with ease.

Other great additions include the grain tester's capability to automatically average a selectable number of tests and its ability to store the average calibration for all grains tested. The grain tester also has a backlit push-button interface for low light conditions. It has a battery power indicator that warns users at power-up when the two 9-volt alkaline batteries are below 15 percent capacity, as well as a battery-saving feature that includes a user-selectable shutdown time.

The AgraTronix 05100 MT-PRO+ Portable Grain Moisture Tester includes a protective carrying case with shoulder strap. Its illuminated multilingual display is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Technical specifications include a moisture range of 5 to 40 percent, depending on grain tested, and a temperature range of 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C). Please be sure to check out the new MT-PRO+ for yourself to see why it's the hottest new tester to maximize grain yield at the elevator.

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