Wood-Mizer Blades Releases New Blade Maintenance Equipment Line


Wood-Mizer Products continues to be on the cutting edge as a manufacturer of band blades and blade maintenance equipment with the release of a new line of blade sharpeners and setters, along with new blades for high-production sawing and better performance with highly abrasive wood species.

The BMS500 blade sharpener was recently announced to the U.S. market and is designed to handle up to 3-inch blades, with the performance to sharpen hundreds of blades per week. Its Auto-Run mode saves time and improves efficiency, and the 8-inch CBN wheel is powered by a 1 hp motor for consistent, accurate full-profile grinds. The BMS500 can be adjusted for different blade sizes and lengths used in various operations.

For lower blade volume needs, the new BMS200 and BMS250 blade sharpener models are steady performers with minimal downtime and easy setup. All Wood-Mizer sharpeners are based on superior CBN wheel technology with sharpening wheels manufactured by Wood-Mizer to meet precise specifications.

The new BMT250 tooth setter has been upgraded and sets the bar for accurate and consistent sets on band blades up to 3 inches. This machine is designed with an automatic feed system that ensures blades will be in top shape for maximum performance. The BMT200 tooth setter is an economical alternative to set both sides of blades with a hand crank.

Other new products from Wood-Mizer Blades include a 3-inch blade, which is an excellent and more economical replacement for 4-inch and wider bands. Another new addition is the carbide-tipped blade for cutting tropical and extremely hard wood species.

To see the full lineup of products, visit www.woodmizer.com. To talk to a blades consultant about your needs, call 800-522-5760.