Vermont 4-H'ers Face Off at Dairy Challenge


Vermont 4-H'ers headed to the University of Vermont (UVM) campus November 11 for the annual Dairy Challenge, designed to test their dairy knowledge.

The competition, hosted by UVM Extension, consisted of four learning sessions, followed by a written test. Awards were presented to the three highest scorers in each age group.

The 50 participants learned about dairy cow diseases from UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator Wendy Sorrell, while UVM Extension youth farm safety coordinator Kristen Mullins taught them about farm safety. Four UVM animal science students also led informational sessions. Alexa Jo Kayhart and Morgan Summers presented information about the udder. Nick Hayes and Melissa Rosen taught the 4-H'ers about the cow's stomach.

Winners, by age group, listed in order of placement, were:

8 and 9-year-olds: Caroline Kirby, East Montpelier; Caleb Plazzo, Reading; Andrea Palmer, Weybridge.

Also participating: Sadie Ellner, Morrisville; Charlie Haynes, East Montpelier; Olivia Jones, Middletown Springs; Michael Plouffe, Bridport; and Alexandra Williams, Brandon.

10 and 11-year-olds: Isabel Hall, East Montpelier; Julianna Williams, Brandon; Ellie Bissell, Richmond.

Also participating: Zack Ames, West Rutland; Adele Biasini, Morrisville; Avery Brown, East Montpelier; Johnathan Flores Torres, Addison; Makayla Kinney, Newport; Emma Nadeau, Derby; Ryanne Nadeau, Derby Line; and Justin Thurber, East Montpelier.

12 and 13-year-olds: Owen Nadeau, Derby; Nicole Palmer, Weybridge; Maddie Nadeau, Derby.

Also participating: Peter Carrara, Proctor; Kayla Eugair, Proctor; Tasha Hescock, Shoreham; Silas Mitchell, Orwell; Kennedy Moore, South Reading; Hattie Moriarty, Stowe; Bethany Palmer, Weybridge; Addy Parsons, Weybridge; David Russell, Orwell; Leah Titus, Reading; Maggie Turco, West Rutland; and Isabella Williams, Brandon.

14 to 18-year-olds: Courtney Banach, South Burlington; Dacey Anechiarico, Whiting; Kelli Jerome, Leicester.

Also participating: Brooke Aicher, Shelburne; Shelby Biasini, Morrisville; Morgan Conant, Randolph Center; Amanda Eugair, Proctor; Nathan Fefee, Bristol; Jordan Hubbell, Shoreham; Michael Ingwersen, Addison; Maggie Kirby, East Montpelier; Ben Maille, Shelburne; Sharon Palmer, Weybridge; Maia Parsons, Weybridge; Miguelle Thurber, East Montpelier; and Molly Turco, West Rutland.

To learn more about the 4-H dairy program, contact Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator, at 802-656-5418 or 800-571-0668, ext. 2 (within Vermont).