2012 NHMPA End of Season Report


        The NH Maple Producers Association members have reported the following for the 2012 season. Taps were set out at a regular time for most producers, with some reporting earlier tapping due to the mild conditions. Boiling came early for many, with up to 14 days in advance of the average timeframe. The earliest reported boiling in the southern part of the state was February 7th. The last boil of the season came early for many producers in the southern part of the state as temperatures rose into the 70's and 80's for five days forcing the buds to develop and cause undesirable sap for boiling.

        Many producers ended the season around March 19th due to the warmth. Those in the northern part of the state whose trees had lesser developed buds were able to better withstand the heat and continue to collect and boil without much affect. The latest reported boil was April 7th.

        The majority of the syrup made was in the medium to dark amber grades, but a fair amount of light was produced, and many producers reported making B and commercial grade. The volume of syrup made varied greatly which seemed most dependent on geography, with the seacoast producers showing the strongest season. Most producers found they had 50-66% of an average crop, but reports of only 33% of an average crop was not unusual.

        Overall, the season ran about 7-10 days early in its start and finish, with a lower production than anticipated due to the warmth. Producers had a sufficient crop to provide syrup to their regular markets, but excess is not widely available.