Farming Magazine - September, 2013


Firewood Processor Roundup

Blockbuster, 888-775-4883

The Blockbuster Model 22-22 can cut over 4 cords per hour. Powered by a four-cylinder, turbocharged, 83 hp Kubota diesel engine, it has a 5-inch splitting cylinder and three-strand hydraulic folding live deck for log lengths from 3 feet to over 24 feet. A chain-driven log trough provides continuous log access. The adjustable splitting head offers four, six or eight-way splitting. It cuts material up to 22 inches in diameter and splits wood into lengths from 12 to 22 inches.

It has a transport width of 7 feet 11 inches and an operating width of 13 feet. During transport, it is 9 feet high, and during operation it is 5 feet 5 inches high (to the top of the deck). It has a 10-foot log deck, 50-gallon hydraulic tank, 25-gallon fuel tank, 16-foot infeed log trough, tandem axles with electric brakes, sawdust chute, firewood cleanout grate, toolbox, air compressor, auto stop, running lights for transport and elevator hydraulics. Optional equipment includes an all-weather operator's cab with heat, lights, 6-inch fan and AM/FM radio; air conditioning; operator's lights; and operator's roof.

Built-Rite Mfg. Corp., 800-757-2520

Built-Rite's 18 SCP firewood processor is ideal for the start-up operation or farm firewood producer. It is equipped with a log loader that can be used as a log deck when placed in an upright position. The 18 SCP is powered by a U.S.-made 30 hp Kohler engine.

CRD Metalworks, 888-667-8580

The Woodbine Rapido Loco 20 and Woodbine Loco Junior have a DOT trailer, 24-foot conveyor and push-button splitting system, along with RapidStop blade braking technology. The Rapido Loco 20 has a 50-inch Simonds circular blade, 73 hp Deutz diesel engine, 13-foot powered live deck and eight-way wedge. The Junior is powered by a 60 hp Deutz diesel engine and offers a 42-inch Simonds circular blade, 12-foot powered live deck and six-way wedge.

The Woodbine Pro 20 and Woodbine Pro are bar-and-chain models that come mounted on a tandem-axle trailer. The Pro 20 cuts logs up to 20 inches in diameter and powers through 3 to 4 cords of wood per hour with a 50 hp Cat or John Deere diesel engine. With a choice of power plants, the Pro handles logs up to 24 inches in diameter and processes 4.5 cords of wood per hour.

The Rapido Loco 60 processor has a 5-foot Simonds slasher blade, all hydraulic features, an eight-way wedge and RapidStop blade braking technology. It can produce over 5 cords per hour.

The Woodbine Junior Pro's power options include a 38 hp Kohler engine, 35 hp diesel engine or PTO hookup. It can produce up to 3 cords of wood per hour with the electric splitter and decreased cycle time of three to four seconds. Mounted on a dual-axle trailer with electric brakes for easy transport.

DYNA Products, 231-734-4433

Manufactures commercial-grade firewood processors designed to fit the market between people using chain saws and splitters and the major firewood producers using equipment that can produce 3,000 to 4,000 cords per year. This market includes both people in the firewood business and individuals or groups wishing to use the equipment for personal use.

DYNA's original prototype is still in production use today. The company is open to frame extensions and other modifications to suit your specific needs.

These firewood processor models (SC-12, SC-14 and SC-16) can be transported easily between the wood yard and your work site, or to rental sites. They can be pulled behind any larger pickup truck with a 2-inch ball. With three hydraulic joysticks, you control the live deck, the feed trough, the cutter saw and clamp (SC-14 and SC-16), and the splitting ram. Optional conveyors are fully integrated and fold for transport. DYNA also offers a range of stand-alone conveyors.

New this year is the booster valve (standard with SC-16; optional with SC-14), which enables faster splitting speeds and also has a cooling effect on the oil, allowing the processor to operate more efficiently. Also new on the SC-14 and SC-16 is the hydraulic control center, which is easily accessible for all adjustments. DYNA is also introducing the Rover, a splitter with a log lift designed to split heavy chunks up to 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches long.

Northeast Implement, 888-589-6160

The Farmi Mastersplit wood processor is efficient because it performs multiple tasks at the same time. The hydraulic action that splits the log also advances the uncut log into cutting position. The chain saw can cut as soon as the log is pushed forward, even though the sled has not yet retracted; a safety stop prevents the saw from cutting into the sled during the return. The conveyor works continuously to move the cut firewood, and it swings 30 degrees right and left for convenient loading in multiple containers. Add the optional log loader, and this wood processor becomes a true one-person machine. The WP30CS and WP36CS models have an optional hydraulic lift and V-shaped feeding platform. They perform cross-cutting, splitting and conveyor sorting. They are both available in a PTO-driven version or mounted on a trailer with engine power for mobility.

Oesco, 800-634-5557

Tajfun firewood processors cut and split 2 cords of firewood per hour. Logs can be fed to the processor by either the DM 1511 hydraulic lift table or the trailered RN 3000 live deck. The Tajfun RCA 380 will cut logs to 15 inches in diameter; the joystick-controlled RCA 400 Joy will cut logs to 15.5 inches in diameter. Processors are freestanding and self-supporting and require a minimum of 35 PTO hp to run; they produce split logs ranging from 8 to 20 inches in length. Six and eight-way wedges are optional.

Thomas Bandsaw Mills, 866-722-3505

The Thomas firewood processor, which has an economical 31 hp Vanguard engine, has the capability of processing logs up to 16 inches in diameter and 12 feet long. The heavy-duty unit is equipped with an 81X infeed chain, greaseable bearings and easy-access panels. It has a 7-foot power log table with an outfeed conveyor. It utilizes a four-way wedge with a hydraulic-run chain saw bar that is operated with a foot pedal. The processor is available with or without a trailer package, and a six-way wedge is also optional.

Timberwolf, 800-340-4386

Timberwolf Firewood Processors are designed with conveyors that have an optional hookup to work with the processor's hydraulic system, saving wear and tear on the conveyor's engine and improving fuel efficiency. The conveyors accommodate scalable production loads from just a few cords a day to several hundred cords per week. You can use the 12-foot-long TW-12C to load a 1-ton dump truck from the rear by adjusting the conveyor's speed to throw the wood to the front and then gradually slowing it down to fill the dump body in the back. The conveyors are available in several lengths for various pile sizes, small trucks and trailers including a semi's open-top trailer at the larger end of the scale. All conveyors are available with our optional paddle belt to keep heavier loads from sliding and provide traction in snow or rain.

The rough-top belted conveyors range in length (12, 20, 24 and 26 feet long), reaching heights from 5 feet 4 inches to 13 feet 8 inches, taller than any truck or trailer allowed on the highway. Specifically designed to work with the firewood processors, the 30-foot-long steel chain drive conveyor has hydraulic elevation adjustment for a height range of 9 feet 9 inches to 14 feet 5 inches. All of these conveyors are also available with an optional chip separator that removes wood debris from the load to ensure clean deliveries.

TM Mfg., 320-286-3077

TM Pro series splitters are designed with a viewing window and large two-stage splitting wedge. Units are available in three models: 30 and 36-inch with a 5-inch cylinder and the 24-inch with a 4-inch cylinder.

Wood Beaver, 800-569-6813

The LIL Beaver firewood processor is a one-operator machine that will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 15 inches in diameter and 10 feet long at a rate of more than 1 full cord per hour. It is powered by a Honda GX390 gas motor, optional Kohler CH440 motor or PTO. It has a hydraulic welded cylinder with a 24-inch stroke for fast splitting and a two or four-way adjustable wedge.

This machine can easily be towed behind a pickup truck with the highway wheel package with lights and 2-inch ball hitch or towed on-site with an ATV. It also features low oil pressure shutdown, 17-ton splitting force, manual saw bar and wedge adjustment, automatic manual clamping system for simple operation, adjustable log length gauge, firewood cleanout grate and 15-gallon hydraulic oil tank. Options include a 6-foot onboard conveyor system, hydraulic log lift, manual dead deck and electric start.