Farming Magazine - July, 2013


Outdoor Furnace Roundup

Alternative Heating of North America, 607-643-6122

The Viadrus Hefaistos P1 is a cast-iron wood gasification boiler. This low-pressure, sectional unit has a metal sheet feed hopper and is designed for lump wood combustion. Outputs range from 30 to 100 kilowatts. It has a long service life due to the cast-iron heat exchangers. The boiler is certified to UL 391 and CSA B 366.1 standards. It offers combustion efficiency of 83 to 89 percent and has threaded flanges for easy installation.

Stainless steel lining is used for the upper fuel chamber. The ST 81 control unit is used for the electronic version (model E, with three to five sections) and collects data from return water, heating water and flue gas temperature sensors, using a Hall sensor for modulating the exhaust fan. The thermostatic model (with six or seven sections) uses flue gas and pump thermostats to control the boiler operation.

Central Boiler, 800-248-4681

The E-Classic outdoor wood furnace uses a three-stage combustion process with temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to burn wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100 percent. The furnace has a compact, modern design, is easy to maintain, and is designed to work with any existing heating system. With the self-cleaning heat exchanger, the E-Classic produces low emissions per Btu of heat delivered. It can heat multiple buildings, domestic water, shops and more, and can replace multiple indoor woodstoves.

The E-Classic line now features the new FireStar II electronic controller. The controller's innovative technology allows the furnace to use less wood by optimizing the gasification process for a cleaner, more efficient burn. With its E-Link Technology, it has the ability to store and share information with other devices, like Central Boiler's new FireStar XP wi-fi module. This gives the furnace operator the ability to view their furnace's performance from anywhere there is Internet access. This data can allow the user to determine the amount of time before their furnace needs to be refilled with wood and more.

Greentech Mfg., 866-361-7355

The Crown Royal Stove line has multiple models to choose from, including indoor and outdoor models that burn wood, coal and corn. The feature of burning multiple fuel types is standard on these models and is not an add-on option for an additional price.

The traditional-style Crown Royal stoves are available in four multi-fuel models equipped with shaker grates. Capable of heating multiple buildings, these four models range from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet. Also included in the line is an EPA Phase 2 wood-burning gasification model with an estimated heating capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 square feet. There is also a high-efficiency model in the lineup, with a heating capacity of 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. The firebox and outer drum feature a round design, with the shaker grates and ash pan built into the unit for easy cleaning and longer burn times.

Hardy Mfg. Co., 800-542-7395

In 1976, Hardy Mfg. Co., Inc. first introduced the world to the "Hardy Heater" and to outdoor wood heating. Now the company has introduced the next-generation Hardy, the KB165 Gasification Heater. The KB165 is an EPA Phase 2-qualified unit that utilizes the gasification process to burn wood gases, then transfer heat to water through multiple heat recovery chambers.

The stainless steel construction eliminates the need for costly annual water treatments, and the KB165 comes standard with stainless steel pumps, grates and combustion blower. Like all Hardy Heaters, the KB165 connects to most existing heating systems, including hydronic systems. It features an output of 150,000 Btu, 16-gauge stainless steel firebox, cast-iron grates, 1.5-inch thick fiberglass casing insulation and fire chamber capacity of 13 cubic feet.

Hawken Energy, 888-LOG-BURN

Hawken wood furnaces feature fully automatic controls, stainless steel chimney cap, 0.25-inch structural steel firebox and water jacket, and 4-inch thick firebox door. They have an easy-access rear door, outside light for night loading, R-30 fiberglass insulation, safety catch on the door and all bronze fittings to eliminate iron contamination.

There are three models available: the HE-1100, HE-2100 and GX10, which produce 225,000, 358,000 and 144,000 Btu, respectively. The HE models have an 8-inch chimney diameter, while the GX10 has a 6-inch chimney diameter. The models range in length from 83 to 98 inches and in height from 80 to 108.75 inches, with weights from 1,750 to 2,900 pounds.

Heatmor, 800-743-5883

Heatmor outdoor furnaces provide a cost-effective heating solution and a safe, convenient way to burn wood, coal, pellets or used oil. All furnaces feature 409 stainless steel construction and 22 color options. There are several models available, providing the ability to heat areas from 3,000 to 25,000 square feet. Optional add-ons include shaker grates for burning coal and domestic hot water coils. Chimney diameters range from 8 to 16 inches, and water capacities range from 85 to 488 gallons.

HeatSmart Plus, 800-561-0700

The Portage & Main EnviroChip series automatically augers fuel into a highly efficient, brick-lined furnace for clean, controlled burns. Biomass chips for fuel include wood, corn stover, switchgrass, miscanthus grass, etc.

There are two models available, the 500 and 850. Viewing ports on the ends of the storage bin facilitate checking chip levels from the ground. The heat exchanger design features reverse-return, 2-inch-diameter fire tubes. The round firepot is completely surrounded by the water jacket. The Johnson A419 Aquastat controls water temperature to within 1 degree.

Surfaces are insulated or water-cooled for safe operation. The nonpressurized boiler has cutoff mechanisms in the event of low water, no fuel or low temperature. The combustion blower introduces air through specially designed slots in the feed head. Forced air feed at the firepot and in the exhaust ensure a clean, complete burn of the biomass fuel. The fire head is surrounded by molded refractory cement.

HeatSource 1, 620-763-2500

The Model 2000 wood furnace features a water-cooled inner door, easy auger system, electronic control/water level indicator, forklift channels, cast-iron grates and a large loading door. It also offers a stainless steel water chamber, thermostatically controlled blower and water expansion.

Color options include bronze, charcoal, green, stone and custom color. The UL-certified model has a 55-inch long firebox, 215-gallon water capacity, 8-inch chimney, 24-inch square firebox door opening and 10,000-square-foot heating capacity. Weighing 2,075 pounds, it measures 96 inches deep, 92 inches high and 66 inches wide.

HeatSource 1 offers other wood furnace models, as well as corn/pellet furnaces.

Mahoning, 800-692-5200

Skye Series V freestanding wood furnaces have a 100 percent refractory firebox; there is no metal to corrode or degrade. A modular stainless steel tank system provides easy repair and maintenance. A digital boiler display shows the status of the heater at a glance, without opening the door. Computer-controlled, automatic operation includes automatic bypass damper and combustion controls.

The optional remote display software optimizes the heater user experience on your laptop or home computer, wirelessly. The remote display can detect abnormal conditions of low water, high water temperature, etc. There are flexible operating settings for hydronic pump activation. The furnaces offer rapid response to slight changes in heat draw rates for uniform heating. All insulation is easily replaced. A standby tank is engaged when heat needs to be dissipated or with spikes in heat demand.

New Horizon, 877-202-5070

New Horizon now offers an extended line of wood gasification boilers, providing a safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and domestic hot water with wood and other biomass byproducts. The boiler uses wood gasification combustion (with a secondary combustion process), providing a high overall heating efficiency.

Attack DPX boilers utilize wood (biomass) in the burning process, which uses the energy contained in the wood up to two times more efficiently than traditional boilers or woodstoves. It releases wood gas, also known as syngas or producer gas, from biomass (25 percent hydrogen, 19 percent carbon monoxide, and a mixture of hydrocarbons and alcohols) and re-burns it in a secondary combustion process. Smoke and other emissions are cut to a low level, due to the high temperature of secondary combustion.

The wood gasification combustion technology used in Attack DPX boilers is an efficient way to burn firewood. As a result, New Horizon boilers use less wood than conventional wood boilers and outdoor water stoves. Additionally, this high-efficiency burn technology produces little or no creosote, virtually eliminating the risk of chimney fire and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.