Farming Magazine - November, 2012


Product Focus: Harvesting Equipment

Addington Equipment

Grapples for tractors feature double-acting welded cylinders, three-directional swivel, T1 steel tongs, greaseable pivot points and precision-machined pins and shafts. They are equipped with double wire braid, 3/8-inch, 4,800 PSI hoses and require two double-acting circuits at the rear of the tractor. Models are available for tractors from 30 to 50 hp and 50 to 100 hp, with maximum capacities of 37 and 50 inches.


CRD Metalworks

The Woodbine Rapido Loco 20 firewood processor has a 50-inch Simonds circular blade, as well as all the speed and power of larger models without the price tag or size. It also features a 73 hp Deutz diesel engine, DOT trailer, 24-foot conveyor, 13-foot powered live deck, eight-way wedge and patent-pending push-button splitting system.


Cummings & Bricker

The Wallenstein FX Skidding Winch allows you to reach the trees you need to cut, even on steep hills or swampland, without the need for large, heavy equipment. It is an excellent attachment for gathering firewood, clearing dead trees and harvesting premium lumber, all while preserving your woodlot. Using a skidding winch transfers the pulling strain onto the ground with the large blade that anchors the winch. The winch comes in three models.


Hakmet Ltd.

Hakmet distributes 12 harvester/processor heads, two Combi heads, an Energy Wood head and a felling head from AFM. With the Combi head, you can harvest, process, sort and load logs with just one head and base machine. AFM heads work with all harvester bases and most measuring systems, with solutions for softwood and hardwood species for harvesting or processing. They feature feeding speeds up to 20 feet per second and high-strength steel delimbing knives. The three-roller, non-sliding feeding system with proportional pressure on roller arms and knives reduces fiber damage, and timber-friendly steel rollers conserve the quality and structure of the timber.


J.S. Woodhouse

Overall height is a key design element of Fransgard winches; it gets the butt ends of logs off the ground sooner, requiring less tractor horsepower and fuel consumption, as well as minimizing dirt on logs. The higher top pulley optimizes the distance to the cable drum, which enhances optimal spooling. Clutch adjustment is easy with two bolts. The bottom and top covers may be removed to facilitate feeding the drive chain onto the main gear. A forged hook on the end of the cable enables adding a choker chain to the end.



The Model 400 Material Mover includes these standard features: Patz Chain, Patz Flites, chain tightener, flight wiper cleaner, hold-down shoe with pre-cleaner and drive sprocket. There is a choice of three drive units to meet the needs of different installations, including a planetary speed reducer, 203 gearbox reducer and roller-chain reducer. It also features return corners, corner wheels that allow chain to go around a corner and maintain alignment in the trough, covered troughs and elevating steel slides.


Sidney Mfg. Co.

The Timberline HTC Tree Shear cuts trees up to 14 inches in diameter in a single pass and fits skid steers with a two-pin hitch system. Power rotate to any angle for limbing, sectioning and disposal of trees. The shear rotates 110 degrees with the flick of a switch from the cab to accommodate horizontal and vertical cutting, plus holding and moving of felled trees. The escape-proof lower jaw serration allows for 100 percent of the machine's power to be applied to the shear. It also gives the shear a grapple-like quality, allowing it to clamp on to felled trees. Built from high-tensile steel.